Grin (Node) + Grin Wallet v3.1.0 Released

Version 3.1.0 of the Grin node and wallet have been released! Please note that neither is a mandatory upgrade, but everyone is nonetheless encouraged to upgrade ASAP to take advantage of many bugfixes, stability improvements and new features.

Once again, thanks to all of the Grin developers and community for their hard work creating and testing this release! We’ll be turning all of our attention to the upcoming Hardfork 3 next, so this will likely be the last minor release in the 3.x series.


Grin Node 3.1.0 Binaries
Grin Wallet 3.1.0 Binaries

Release Information - Grin Node v3.1.0

Feature Overview

Much of this release is around cleanup and code quality but there are a couple of changes that may be of interest.

  • P2P:
    • better handling on initial handshake messages (tcp read/write timeouts) [New in beta.2]
    • better handling of mpsc channel disconnect in peer_write thread [New in beta.2]
    • Stability around the handling of IPV6 addresses (specifically IPV4-mapped IPV6 addresses).
    • We also now support DNS name resolution for seed configuration in the config file.
  • Chain:
    • Improved robustness around “rewind” and the internal implementation of the output PMMR (specifically the output_pos db index). This should reduce the chance of encountering an AlreadySpent error on unclean shutdown and restart (less chance to corrupt the db).

Release Notes

Release Information - Grin Wallet v3.1.0

Feature Overview

  • The ability to export and verify payment proofs is added.
  • A new experimental command-line mode is added (grin-wallet cli) that presents an interactive shell for the user.
  • Many other bug fixes and API enhancements, see the release notes for details.

Release Planning

3.1.0 milestone - Wallet

Release Notes

Details on all wallet changes for the 3.0.0 release can be found here: