Grin (Node) v3.1.0-beta.2 released (edit: was beta.1)

Edit: 3.1.0-beta.2 has now been released, replacing 3.1.0-beta.1.

Beta release for Grin (Node) v3.1.0-beta.2 has been released -

Release Notes -

Much of this release is around cleanup and code quality but there are a couple of changes that may be of interest.

  • P2P:
    • better handling on initial handshake messages (tcp read/write timeouts) [New in beta.2]
    • better handling of mpsc channel disconnect in peer_write thread [New in beta.2]
    • Stability around the handling of IPV6 addresses (specifically IPV4-mapped IPV6 addresses).
    • We also now support DNS name resolution for seed configuration in the config file.
  • Chain:
    • Improved robustness around “rewind” and the internal implementation of the output PMMR (specifically the output_pos db index). This should reduce the chance of encountering an AlreadySpent error on unclean shutdown and restart (less chance to corrupt the db).

This is not a mandatory release but we are hoping node operators will be keen to help test this over the next few days to allow us to publish a final 3.1.0 release early next week.

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I’m getting this error Macos 10.15.3

Thread ‘main’ panicked with message:
“called Result::unwrap() on an Err value: Chain(Error { inner:
Other Error: failed to find head hash })”

Unfortunately the “failed to find head hash” suggests this is a data corruption issue.
I don’t think this is related specifically to the latest beta release.

It would be useful if you could confirm if the 3.0.0 release will start up cleanly, or not, against your existing chain_data dir.

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If anyone is currently testing 3.1.0 beta release or wants to get involved helping to test this - we just released a new beta version 3.1.0-beta.2 with a couple of improvements to the p2p layer.

Release notes -