Grin v1.0.2 released

Again, details in the release notes.

Please, please, please: upgrade. An up-to-date network is a healthy one and it looks like a good chunk of the network is still on 1.0.0, with 40 days of fixes missing. So I’m hoping we can get a good majority on the new 1.0.2 before the end of this starting week.

Thanks everyone!


Lots of small performance and stability fixes. There are some changes to the way we handle peer connections in here that should give anybody behind a NAT some much needed stability in terms of their outbound peer connections.

I’d be really interested in getting some feedback here around NAT’d grin nodes and if are staying better connected with this latest release (vs. 1.0.1).

Please let us know how it looks here or in github/gitter.

Binary never worked on my system. Just building it

no idea why (sorry, linux noob) but I am having trouble getting the update to take. I ran the following from the grin directory:

git pull
cargo build --release

and it appeared to build perfectly with no errors. I have restarted my VM and when I run grin it loads 1.0.1

what did I miss?

@okkman most likely you’re on the wrong branch, try git checkout master first. Otherwise get on Gitter Support for more help.

Would dev busyness be an explanation for the forums being quieter or could it be a sign of launch hype dying?

Price falling, no windows wallet, no <4GB mining

Grin have a small userbase

Currently is a Pro thing

I’ve updated, overwriting the 1.0.0 grin file caused a cookie error.
Unpacking in its own folder works like a charm, but did require a full chain download/validation process.

If you’re still puzzled by this, try which grin, to see if you export the right path in your .profile or .bash_profile