Grin v2.0.0 Node + Wallet Released


Grin v2.0.0 and Grin-wallet v2.0.0, which include support for the upcoming hard fork, have been released. Changes in these releases have been almost entirely focused on hard fork support and ensuring the entire ecosystem will be running the same version of the transaction-exchange format (the Slate) post-upgrade.

These are required updates for all users, and we recommend everyone take the opportunity to update as soon as possible.

Overview of Changes


  • Support for Blockheader version 2 (post fork)
  • Support for tweaked post-HF secondary proof of work, ‘Cuckarood’
  • Support for new Bulletproof rewind scheme
  • Version information function added to node API
  • Modify stratum-> Wallet communication to use V2 wallet API


  • Drop support for v0 and v1 Slates, and only use the V2 format.
  • Drop support for V1 wallet API. The new V2 API will be maintained going forward, with full documentation here
  • Drop support for older versions of Grin’s Node API. The wallet must be run against a v2.0.0 or newer Grin node, and will halt activity if the configured node is v1.1.0 or earlier.
  • Support for new Bulletproof rewind scheme, which will be applied to all outputs created by v2.0.0.

Binary downloads and detailed release notes

Final notice: July hard fork

Please be advised that a breaking upgrade will happen at block height 262,080 and pre-2.0.0 wallets and nodes will stop working at this point. All users will need to upgrade to version 2.0.0 in order to be able to continue using Grin.


Wallet Compatible with node Supports sending tx slates Supports receiving tx slates
v1.0.x v1.0.x or greater v0/v1 v0/v1
v1.1.0 v1.1.0 v0/v1 (default)
v2 (optional)
v2.0.0 v2.0.0 v2 v2


Until the time of the hard fork, 2.0.0 wallets are fully compatible with 1.1.0 wallets to send and receive grin, as long as v2 slate version are used to send. These are used by default in v2.0.0. To send a v2 slate using wallet version v1.1.0, include the -v 2 flag in the send command.


For any feedback, questions, concerns, or problems, please contact Daniel Lehnberg:


Absolutely brilliant work.

Would this page be helpful for the above application? I am waiting for my tech guy to review all of this before I install. --Thanks

@UncleWiggly it will be, we’re hard at work to make sure wallet713 is 2.0.0 compatible at the time of the hard fork


Got my node upgraded, thanks for all the hard work to all!


Everything’s working great with 2.0. However, none of the miningpools are set (really I can only say this for Grinmint and Bepool - what I use) 3-4 days of mining there with unpaid status from and account accumulating, indicating they haven’t figured out how to send. Hard forks are never easy - hopefully the ecosystem will adapt. If the mining pools aren’t ready, transactions will stop until they can verify again?

No, the issue is with transaction building, not verification.

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Having some trouble, but I’ll figure it out (need to stop waking up, jumping out of bed, not even awake, and trying to do stuff like this I guess (get my morning cup of coffee, and try some more :slight_smile:

Really wasn’t that hard after all. Shows though, try and at least wake up before you do technical stuff :slight_smile:

Hello, how do I go about upgrading my node 1.0.2 to 2.0?


You just download the latest version and replace old files.

Appreciate the reply. In the target/release folder, I removed the old file named grin and replaced it with the new 2.0.0 that I downloaded and unzipped.

In the terminal window I cd/grin and then target/release/grin and I get the following error.

“Illegal instruction core dumped,”

If I switch the files back I then can run the node at version 1.0.2

Linux is not my first language…LOL

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I had this error (os debian 9). In my case, problem is CPU that have not AVX2. You should compile grin-node from source

Appreciated, big time noob here. What command line do ai use to compile?