Upgrade information: Grin v1.1.0

Upgrade information for Grin v1.1.0


Grin v1.1.0, a non-breaking upgrade and our first minor version since launch, has been released. A tonne of improvements have gone into this release, most notably adding official support for Windows 10, and separating all node and wallet functionality into two different repositories and binaries, grin and grin-wallet. In addition, a lot of bugs have been squashed and there has been improvements to security and overall performance. While this upgrade is optional, it is recommended for all users.

This document gives a high level overview of what has changed, what impact this has for ecosystem participants, and also offers some information about what’s ahead as we prepare for the July hard fork where there will be a breaking upgrade to Grin version 2.0.0.



  • Add Windows 10 support
  • Break out wallet into separate repo
  • Improve dandelion implementation
  • Add support for variable size PMMR
  • Improve network performance, peer connectivity, and rules for banning/dropping peers
  • Improve handling of txhashset.zip and usage of tmp directories
  • Add support for webhooks
  • Handle shutdown more gracefully


  • Add Windows 10 support
  • Break out wallet into separate repo
  • Introduce new JSON-RPC wallet API (v2)
  • Add support for new slate version (v2), while previous v0/v1 remains default. Sending v2 slates requires the -v 2 flag. This will become default in v2.0.0
  • BREAKING: u64 fields in the slate are now sent as strings for compatibility reasons. Applications still using SlateV0 may have to adjust accordingly.

Binary downloads and detailed release notes

Advance notice: July hard fork

Please be advised that a breaking upgrade will happen at block height 262,080 and the wallet will stop working at this point. All users will need to upgrade to version 2.0.0 in order to be able to resume transacting.


Wallet Compatible with node Supports sending tx slates Supports receiving tx slates
v1.0.x v1.0.x or greater v0/v1 v0/v1
v1.1.0 v1.1.0 v0/v1 (default)
v2 (optional)
v2.0.0 v2.0.0 v2 v2


For any feedback, questions, concerns, or problems, please contact Daniel Lehnberg: