MimbleWimbleCoin (MWC) Legit?

Hey guys,
Good to be here.
how legit is this one https://www.mwc.mw/? Any usefull infos? Never heard:
MimbleWimbleCoin is a Grin soft fork based on the MimbleWimble protocol with a limited supply cap of 20 million coins. 10 million coins will take around 100 years to be POW mined. Of the remaining 10 million, 6 million coins will be distributed via airdrop to Bitcoin holders, 2 million coins will be held in an escrow wallet to pay out “MWC HODL” dividends and 2 million will be dedicated to the development of the coin…
MimbleWimbleCoin https://airdrops.io/mimblewimblecoin/