What do you think about MWC (https://www.mwc.mw/)

It looks like just a copy of Grin but with a 20,000,000 cap.

I am a bit irritated the window to claim MWC as BTC owner was rather short, I simply missed it.
In theory MWC does not sound that bad, it is like Grin but they do use CoinJoin for all there transactions. Not sure how they implemented it, this is also a feature in the planning for Grin. There are some post from 2019 about CoinJoin’s but as far as I know non are actively in use right now:

I would not bash MWC since it is not a take the money and run scheme as far as I know, but MWC lacks many of the properties I love about Grin such as its linear supply to fairly distribute Grin and create greater price stability on the long run. I also love the great community and development team behind Grin. Probably there are community members who can better compare Grin, Beam and MWC on their properties.

Grin is a Timechain in every meaning of the word :clock230:


I disagree with your assessment on MWC. It reeks of scam and fraud. It’s laughed away in the BTC community and has done shady things in the MW community.

Interesting, I did not dive deeply in MWC since I consider Grin the most interesting MW inplementation. Any links to articles or blogs on these shady things?,I would like to inform myself better.

The bitcoin rooms on telegram told me about one of the guys promoting the air drop at a bitcoin conference and getting laughed out of the room. I am not sure if there are articles on it, but I think I recall some. There was also some speculation that the guy either had control of the bitcoin twitter handle or was buddies with one of the guys who had control (it cycles) and you can see a bunch of tweets from the bitcoin twitter handle that was interpreted by the majority of the bitcoin community as pro-mimblewimble propaganda and it was tweeted. No idea if there are articles on this one. Unfortunately, that bitcoin room was deleted so I cant look up any of the messages to provide you with the links or conversations.

Lastly, it is copy pasta.


found one link from google https://invezz.com/news/2020/02/29/bitcoin-conference-sees-public-shaming-of-bitcoin-og-due-to-altcoin-shilling/


50% of the MW coins are premind, WTF, I should have red the whitepaper😓. That screams scam.

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And over 70% of ETH was premined. I thought Grin’s list of green flags for being most fair/legit was unprecedented. Too bad the price has been punished beyond any of our worst expectations.

no on-chain addresses
no visible amounts
no transaction history
no reward halvings
no supply cap
no trusted setup
no ring signatures
no moon math
no hashcash
no ASIC aversion
no ICO
no premine
no instamine
no airdrops
no mining tax
no masternodes
no middlemen
no partnerships
no room for spam
no staking
no coin burning
no drama

-source: https://github.com/mimblewimble/docs/wiki/No-this%2C-no-that


Uninspired dredge that did not get any further than copying and pasting Grin while pre-mining 50% for zero development.

Besides that annoying community that DM’s people in the Grin community groups who are uncertain of Grin and are complaining. I had several messages from those people. Guess I complain a lot…

we didn’t quite meet this promise :slight_smile:


still haven’t seen BTC /BCH or ETC/ETH or Monero/MoneroV level drama…


Somebody should open a PR with small little change:

no (no) drama


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BCH took about 7 years before it escalated, same with XMR/XMV.

I would say be careful with those claims, we are just getting started. With that being said are the afk devs already traced… :wink:

I don’t see how MWC adds anything new. One of the coolest parts of Grin is the fact that it isn’t capped. Eternal rate restricted emission just seems like its the correct ‘next step’ in 'digital currency / digital stores of value. The self pruning also allows us to mutually agree on the deletion of the data that it’s self pruning. Which is kinda blowing my mind right now.

Oh yeah and eternal POW makes sense, bitcoin just opened the door to energy being immediately made into money forever, regardless of the cap.

So yeah, mwc, woopty doo. It’s like the new llama farm of digital currencies.