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Hello everyone, I have a few questions for you. I’ve been researching the constant grin for a few months now. I think one of the problems plaguing society is the grin mining pool.What do community officials think about this? Because the miners’ pressure on the price affects Grin developers in the first place.

1- Can the community interfere with miners?

2- Is it possible to stabilize the supply?

3- Litecoin started using the Mimblewimble protocol. In this case, will there be a situation that will damage the reputation of Grin coin?

  1. No. The miners are just seeking the best pool for them, with support available in Chinese and the ability to withdraw to directly. There is no reason to feel opposed to them.

  2. The supply is stable at 60 grin per minute.

  3. Grin doesn’t have a monopoly on mimblewimble. Some people will believe that LTC MWEB makes Grin irrelevant, others will be introduced to Grin through LTC MWEB and they will find it more interesting for it’s unique qualities. I think overall it is good for grin.


LTC says in its recent statements that it has taken serious steps towards becoming a privacy coin. In this case I think it will outperform other privacy coins and especially Grin.This will overshadow Grin. because the LTC team is very strong in every sense.

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I like Grin for it’s privacy, scaling, and it’s emission schedule.

Litecoin can never be Grin on the latter two. I like Litecoin too, but it already takes 80GB and days to sync a node.


Just because something has Mimblewimble in its name, it doesn’t make it like Grin. Grin, Beam and MWEB are all very different. I think Grin has many unique features:

  1. A unique monetary supply with no “quick hacks” like having an aggressive emission first few years and then switch to tail emission
  2. CT and no addresses is for everyone, no exceptions (no opt-in)
  3. Grin being interactive-only comes with some unique benefits like the ability to have full control over what ends up in your wallet
  4. It’s the simplest design

There’s probably more. I think any MW advertising is good, we just have to clearly communicate the difference between the projects.


Yes, you are absolutely right. But there are those who stay away from Grin and still haven’t heard the name “Grin”.At this point (especially in social media), we should be in more unity and solidarity.Community officials and we must act now. Unfortunately, I see that our power in social media is very weak. We understand and know Grin very well. As I said, there are still those who have not heard the name “Grin”.

@GrinTurkey In the last two Grin Community Council meetings we discussed starting sub-teams of active Grin community members to take on specific task of interest they have.

The first team that came to mind was a marketing and outreach team of Grin ambassadors who do exactly that, focus on social media outreach and activities that might contribute to awareness of Grin.
From the Community Council we will support this team with marketing material and we will credit their activities, list them on Github as ambassadors.

Might I invite you to consider joining the Grin Marketing and outreach team if you are interested?
This does require some investment of time of-course. For example it would require to now and then meetup with the other sub-team members and spend some time on activities and outreach, but it also comes with perks, recognition and the honor to contribute to one of the most interesting and impactful projects in the Crypto space I dare say. Many wished they could go back in time and be part of the Bitcoin revolution, well that might be a little late to the party, but for Grin anyone can still have major contribution to the Grin revolution.


Ugh, hell no…

eh, i mean: YES :rofl: