What is the greatness of grin? Where are we now?



The greatness of Grin is its smallness.

Its simplicity makes for a small codebase.

Its scalability makes for a small chain.

We are now at t = 168545280 grins/seconds,

or at 5.36% of soft total supply, which is where Bitcoin was after just over 5 months of mining.


we can only believe in the durability of the grin blockchain. but at this stage we have too small a community and users of the coin are counted by the dozens.


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It becomes more difficult to ignore the low cost


G R I N :

G et R I ch N ot


Yes, perhaps everyone who followed the goal of getting rich has left

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lol. Now beside minimalism, communism ideas added to Grin ideology ?


Nothing new here, we all know and knew that a linear supply implies initially high inflation for the price. Grins price will go down…till it won’t :wink:
But please do not confuse market price with intrinsic value. I think few people here would be willing to part with their Grin for the current market price. Just hodl on.

What makes grin great is its minamilism/simplicity and great scaling. Many people see privacy as it’s number one advantage, but privacy is more like a bonus if you ask me, although a very beautifull bonus to get at no costs🪄.

Inittial high inflation is the cost for having a fair and long term secure system. Perhaps an inconvenience, but well worth the long term upside.


we should not think about price or intrinsic value, but about spreading and increasing the community. otherwise, we will lose touch with reality and the meaning of cryptocurrencies to be independent and free


just don’t ask me what’s stopping you from starting a distribution company. here we come across a lack of interest in buying coins.

That is the beauty of freedom, anyone is free to adopt, or not adopt, to invest or not invest. We can provide information, educate, answer questions but everyone is completely free to make up their own mind. Where one panicks because of low prices, others might jump on the opportunity to stack up. Again all the beauty of a fair and free system.

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I remember the movie “In Time” (2011)

Let’s make GRIN simpler in terms of transfers and honest digital cash is ready

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Wallet bugs, not confirmed txs, coins at limbo, dandelion bugs and whatever unknows things which can cause user funds to be stolen with some attacks.
Ask experts.
If not, already a few people would have engaged. It is a long time since 2017 and some people might tired. It is not enjoyable to work on those problems for many years.

Even bitcoin had many developers changed. We are at same path.


I believe that we will solve everything;)


For those getting in recently like myself, it’s got it’s charm and some good things going for it currently.

Here’s the chart since it bottomed out in January 2023

I was attracted to Grin for non-financial reasons and started mining the day it hit its new all time low for context and here’s what I saw in Grin:

Welcoming community, good codebase and software to work with, affordable and profitable home mining with no halvings and a well distributed hash rate, is one of only two sound privacy coins and the only scalable one, technology that is relevant (Taro and MWEB being the Mimblewimble projects with the most hype ATM), potential for Grin to be usable for P2P payments with friends and relatives

I had just come from receiving death threats after trying to just talk to and engage the Monero community and I checked out Grin because I planned to leave crypto and just become a hobby miner and found Grin that way


The current situation in the crypto world is a race with cars without mufflers, in which grin rides backwards with a muffler. In the end, everyone will reach the finish line

yea we need bug fixes lol



Nice touch to put the inflation rate in there.