What is the greatness of grin? Where are we now?

Thanks for sharing, its been a similar journey for me.

I wanted to do some mining but I didn’t want anyone to know I was doing it, I asked the question in a few forums discord etc and was getting literally no replies what so ever. I suspect there are other ways to do it and with other coins but it all felt too hard for a novice like me.

So I almost gave up, but looked at ipollo website one last time and saw Grin. To be honest I thought it was a joke to start with but the more I looked into it the more I found, like a rabbit hole in a nice way.

Anyway, I figured I could try to mine through VPN and no KYC and it worked! So I ended up reporting my income for tax purposes but only because I wanted to and not because I had to. I figured Grin would never take off if it wasn’t easy and simple to use, solving an important problem.

Anonymous also makes a good point, privacy is only a bonus, while scalability is the true value of Grin. Though for me Grin is returning to the gold standard or paper money, that is not tracked and monitored 24/7.

There are disadvantages however because criminals can commit crimes easier when it is hard to track them. A balance needs to be found between freedom and security.

There are many countries with authoritarian governments and being able to mine and buy grin privately is a platform to addressing human right issues. Governments should be there to help people and when they fail, people should have some way to protect themselves from their filthy rulers.


Transparency allows criminals to pick out the most eligible targets. Those kind of criminals can also be politicians and law makers. In fact, imo, this is the most obvious outcome, that transparency of any kind is used to scoop up low hanging fruit to meet work targets.

The perfect crime has been executed many times, it’s just that LE like to spin up stats to justify their presence… and hence the need for low hanging fruit.

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Governments will tell you that privacy is necessary… provided they hold the keys for God mode. You don’t need privacy for God mode, you just need some meta data.

That imbalance of power is of a higher order as it enables their abuse to scale.

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