Litecoin MimbleWimble

How will Litecoin implementing MimbleWimble affect the Grin Project?

Price will go up and down, adoption will increase and decrease, decentralization will get better and worse. You heard it here first!


I find the possibility of Litecoin adding MW to be unlikely.

Sure, it will have an affect, more people know more about MW like Grin and Beam

Why do you find it unlikely? I was hired by Charlie to implement it. I doubt he would fund a project he didn’t think would gain consensus.

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Thanks for the replies guys

Thanks for the reply David, is it possible that Bitcoin can implement MimbleWimble?

Yes, and my original hope for implementing MW on LTC was that it would prove it’s possible, and would encourage Bitcoin to do the same. There doesn’t seem to be much interest from Bitcoiners yet though, but maybe some day.

Short answer: because I didn’t know that.


that’s interesting, with MW on LTC and say Bitcoin did implement MW what would Grin still have to offer? As MW as far as I understand is the main benefit of Grin.

Bitcoin and Litecoin are shitcoins with or without privacy. Their hyper-deflation will be the doom of any population that adopts them as money.

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Grin is native MW, so more scalable, more efficient & private because of cut through (no addresses or amounts saved), not reliant on sidechains, and soon to have TOR integration (wow!). Then the lack of havenings give it the long term viability of optimal/full miner rewards + transaction fees, perhaps destined to the the most secured network. Native MW should be most private, since all transactions will be private. BTC and LTC will still have their original addresses and block explorer history and just gain the ability to cloak/hide the MW enabled transactions, from my understanding, and that’s assuming they reach consensus and push this feature through.