GRIN as Bitcoin's sidechain

OK, maybe sidechain is not the correct word and/or only solution here.
But what could be done, to make swapping Grin to BTC easy and use it as a way to obscure BTC transactions. I am totally non-technical, but I think that this is what Litecoin is aiming for - to use Mimblewimble as a way to jump from LTC to another coin and then back. There are a lot of terms that I don’t understand fully: sidechains, atomic swaps, extension blocks. Is something like that possible with Grin? Couldn’t someone more technical suggest BIP to use Grin that way? Or maybe BIP is not needed and it can be done simply by adding something to Grin? Wouldn’t that be good use case for Grin? I might not understand any of the technical stuff here, but I believe Grin has one big advantage - really fair distribution. So coin like BTC (or any other coin) should be more eager to use Grin as their Mimblewimble solution than Beam or starting with their own coin from scratch.

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