A mimblewimble competitor beam


A thinly veiled 20% premine, a corporate web 69.0 design bullshit with circles of faces and everything, and gpu mining

but finite coin supply and their white paper is an actual white paper and not marketing bullshit.

Anyone see what the rate of halvening is?


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Article with an apparent sneak peak of some code: https://cryptobriefing.com/beam-code-review-mimblewimble-evolved

They claim it is not pre-mined. Where did you find that it is?

20% of block mining rewards goes to this pool to incentivize development and promotion of BEAM.

If you call shit a rose does it smell sweet?

How is this different from a premine that holds for a bit?


It’s a mining tax, implemented (by necessity) with time-locked premines (probably one for every month in first 5 years)

Thanks for clearing that up. And, yes, I find this fishy.

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A cash-grab and nothing else

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I disagree; a cash-grab is grabbing cash with minimal effort.

This project looks like a serious effort to implement a Mimblewimble blockchain from scratch.
That’s quite different from e.g. forking bitcoin with just a change of PoW and some newly premined blocks.

I wouldn’t call ZCash a cash grab either…


Why are you kinder to your direct competition over an investor, possibly 3 investors?

Hello everybody, noob here, new to this forum and super interested in the Grin project.

A few days ago Beam published an article on Medium which claims that mainnet will launch December 2018

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Check out the Team page.

It seems in 2017 Yonatan Ben Shimon, one of Beam’s advisors had been accused of pulling an exit scam.

Unless that’s a different Yonatan Ben Shimon.


However it has a really intuitive and simple portfolio. I hope the grin team understands the need to work on an interface accessible to everyone.

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