MimbleWimble Alternatives

I discovered two other cryptocurrencies, like Grin, used the MimbleWimble implementation:
Wink: https://mw-w.ink/leer/
Beam: https://www.beam.mw/

What do you think about those projects?
Could we say that they are competitors to Grin?
I think we still need a lot of explanation.

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Woke has a lot of soul. It’s plan B if this go awry. It is the lifeboat. And we will probably use it for neat stuff for Grin. Maybe. One day we might have a pillar to discuss such things here.

I would never try and describe the merits of Beam because there is only one person who can do that justice. I would say that they can move fast and out preform Grin in terms of velocity and work product. They also have a budget for marketing, and all of that. But they are not competing with each other. They are different things. Beam is taking the Bitcoin route and applying a business approach, which may yield the best result. Who knows. They may have figured out a new model for governance with this approach they are taking. There is a lot of criticism, but I think it’s overblown and wait and see.

As for competition, I did say that they are not competing. That is not entirely true. Philosophically it is a nice thought, and one I am trying to understand. In reality, there are two teams on a soccer field and one of them is going to become the dominant form of this protocol.

As I understand it, the founders would just be happy to see the protocol successful. From both teams. From my perspective, any money not in Grin is ground we have to gain. We are the new world currency system. It is different than store of value, but we have to dominate if we are to survive these first 10 years. We will.

All three are interesting. I think that Grin is really interesting. It’s the first one people will actually use, because that was the intent of its design. So its modeled to be adopted, whereas the Bitcoin model leads to a trap of boom and bust cycles. Grin was made for bigger things.

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Also grumble and bitgrin both discussed at different times in this thread:

The concern with the emission model only exists for people who do not understand Grin. It is an innovator. That is very hard to accept and even grasp. You use it. It’s hard to understand here.

My friend put it the best way,

“The learning curve is so high if you know a little, and so so low if you know nothing haha.”