Market Makers at Launch

Any thoughts on initial price discovery through market makers? Ive did some early market making for ETH a few years back and feel like it could help achieve price discovery.

One thought: Because of the distribution curve (100% increase in supply from day 2 to day 4) I expect price to be unreasonably high during the first days. Public interest could be at its highest at launch, while supply would be at its lowest.

Yep agreed. May see similar price action to ZEC on launch where it trades lower after markets normalize. There could be a community-funded pool for a few market makers to put up their own BTC/ETH and help improve volumes and liquidity.

I suppose it’s the exchanges that cut deals with market makers. I believe grinn will have a main net genesis block launch trigger and miners will need to be in place in advance of that and will be the only source of coins. (I assume there are no plans for an insta-mine or pre-mine.)

It would therefore be impossible to have market making inventory in advance of the launch, but you could of course head out in to the market to make bids for those fresh coins.

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This phrase gives me crypto-PTSD, haha. It you want to contribute to a pool, contribute to Yeastplume’s funding!