No pre-sale / private sale or crowd sale?

Just hope to become early investor, haha. Thank you.

I should hope not. An airdrop to all forum members should suffice, along with righteous mining of course.

It’s an admirable aspect of the project, albeit frustrating. There’s no clear way right now to buy in to this promising architecture that will generate a monetary return if things go well.

Yup. We’re all on the same boat.
You can donate some money to the developers, if you got some spare, but there won’t be other return than making Grin happen a little bit faster.

This is the most important reason why I trust this project. No funny business!
There are plenty of ways to help the project alone. Most notable the fundraising for Yeastplume. Excellent way of contributing.
And if you’re on this forum now you are early enough when it launches.


This is also something I was wondering about when grin releases, I’m guessing it’ll be from mining in the beginning.