When can I buy/mine grins?

Mining grins will become possible as soon as the “mainnet” is released, which requires a fully developed, well-tested and hopefully audited codebase. How long will that take? Software timelines are notoriously difficult to predict, and this is particularly true of open source projects that rely on volunteers’ time. So the best answer we can give you is “as long as needed”. A less good answer would be “at least 9 months from now” which would be a guesstimate that’s likely to be wrong.

As far as buying, it’s completely dependent on exchanges and so outside of our control. In any case, don’t try to buy anything until after we’ve announced the mainnet release.


Do you mean “…don’t try to buy anything until (after) we’ve announced…”?

Good catch :slight_smile:

Other than this forum, what other places will run the Mainnet release announcement?

testnet2 will also be announced on the mimblewimble mailinglist and on reddit groups r/mimblewimble and r/grincoin

Hi guys when will be the main net?

inb4 “when its done”

I didn’t get a straight answer on how many testnet’s were planned, these guys are linus style engineers so 10 to 1 odds “deadlines are annoying things that produce bad code”


Heh, not sure how to take “Linus style engineers” but the fact is that we don’t know and this is a complex enough project that we’re likely to be wrong. I’ve been saying toward the end of the year here and there but would definitely not sign with my blood on it.

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I highly doubt it would shock you what I mean by it; I haven’t been shy criticizing your economics policy your implementing but I’ve very much here waiting for you guys to finish in a sea of shitcoins; if I didn’t think this tech would be good I wouldn’t be here.

Considering we are looking at secondary layers as the “next thing” in this industry, would it at least be possible in mainnet of Grin, to allow us to construct channels on top of the main layer?

Yes, that definitely should be possible.

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How can we mimic op_csv and op_checklocktimeverify in Grin? Without a scripting language, how can we time lock outsputs and also relatively time lock outputs?

From Andrew’s talk he goes on saying: “I can enforce arbitrary multiparty smart contracts into these single signatures. That’s the real magic of mimblewimble.”

But do we have a real example on how this looks in Grin?

This is an unfinished document, and it’s actually wrong toward the end and need to be updated and fixed, but the beginning is fine and should answer your question:

After testnet2 will be beta or mainnet?

Hashed Timelocks (Lightning Network)
TODO relative lock times

:confused: I wish I understood how the fuck that stuff worked because I feel this is the single most important thing that needs to be done, economics wise

Testnet3 from what I understand. And then perhaps a tedtnet4, 5, etc. It is done when it is done.

personally through checking the listing sites on https://howtobuygrin.com I chose chainrift but your volume support is needed! don’t trade on the big volume fakers like hotbit and the likes but come to the real ones all you fine grinners out there thanks

https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/grin/#markets There are many markets to buy Grin. Not much projects had so huge support from exchanges short after release.

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Kucoin, Gate.io, Bitmesh…