Making a accomplishment page for grin website

Before getting into the topic I have to say Yes I know “No roadmap” is included in grin’s No list, and I admit the word is infected by crypto projects.
I was wandering in the Monero website and I found they have some page called roadmap showing their main accomplishments in past and ongoing tasks. I think having the same thing on the Grin website would be nice to show what the community has done in the past, mostly in the development part, and showing it at a glance.


It’s true, it could be interesting to see the list of current projects funded or awaiting funding on the website.


Great Idea! …

Also adding on-going researches (like Coinswap) and features (like Archive nodes) there without any promising date could be a good idea, since tracking them on GitHub is hard for users.

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People like to read about progress and new coming things! So yea lets do it :slight_smile: