Updating the grin.mw page

On the last keybase meeting, there was a short discussion if we could add communication channels to the grin.mw page.

I (and some others) think it’d make sense to make it clear that OC is available on keybase and add a link to all things community channel which is the Grin CC page. GrinCC will always do a much better job at communicating where the community can be found than the OC will :slight_smile: this way we’d avoid duplicating links and also avoid going through OC to modify these.

@l33d4n added:

Well, adding the CC link could be a good addition but it doesn’t solve the issue that the page is completely broken, I’m not sure how sending users to another website will make it easier for them to get support or take part.

Currently these are the sections on the community page:

  1. Keybase widtget - broken
  2. Bi-weekly meetings - canceled (around 2 years ago)
  3. Grin Forum - useful but needs to be more accessible, maybe can move it to the top of the page?
  4. Mailing List - Abandoned 4 years ago, there is only one message since then

I agree there’s a few others things than just community channels to be fixed.

Here’s my vote regarding sections:

  1. Remove the keybase widget
  2. Remove bi-weekly meetings section
  3. Make Grin Forum more visible
  4. Leave the mailing list link

The mailing list, while inactive today, had some of the most productive thoughts. I’d leave it there because it still has all the history of development communication. I’m not sure if this will make the page look too empty though.

TLDR; make it apparent OC is only on keybase, remove keybase widget, remove meetings sections, make forum as visible as possible, link to grincc hub page.

What’s everyone’s opinion on this?


Update this page too with new Transparency Report, last one is for 2020.


I’ll wait for more opinions about the rest:


That is good suggestion.

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Both PRs are ready for review. All changes as discussed in the CC meeting and @phyro suggestion.


New PR to keep the fund page updated after the last payment (Jun 13, 2023):

Also update “list of services” page (docs):



I left a comment on the PR:

I’m now thinking if we should just link to the Bitcoin address which would always keep it accurate. What do you guys think?

Might save us some time and have higher accuracy.


So no current balance but just link ? It can be a link with Bitinfo charts

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Yes, better to just link. I proposed the same for CC funds because it gives a nice historic chart of the fund showing changes over time. Added benefit of always being up to date.

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I think it is important to try to keep this information accessible and visible on the fund page so I can prepare a PR to display the balance in real time (API call for accuracy) and also add a link as you suggested.


I am always ready to maintain the fund page, or in general any out-of-date information on the main site, it usually takes me a few minutes for PR and can save you time.

You’ll just have to review it, the changes are 1-2 lines so it’s 1 minute every few months.


Also this website https://tmgox.com/ is not working properly (impossible to buy/put in the card something)

Can we remove it from the footer too?

I am suggesting to add link to GrinCC to this footer.


I’d like to volunteer for any proofreading or document creation/updating help needed on this project. I am on disability with lots of free time and have experience with helping projects do this before and want to help. I also can build static HTML pages with proper formatting.

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I had wondered if TMGOX was active because I would definitely make an order.

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You can link my site Grinily which selling some stuffs which accepting Grin. I will add some more dedicated Grin products there.

Tmgox website wanted to donate some part of rewards to Grin development I guess. I think it can be good idea to have page with links to all Grin-related projects on GrinCC website and mention it, as suggested before:

Most people are unaware what is GrinCC at all.

GrinCC target is to support grin projects, bounties and community activities.

So page can be updated like this:

Most up to date information such as links to tools and grin related websites can be found under GitHub - grincc/hub: GRIN scripts and tools

Adding a link to the grin hub page on grin.mw would probably be the best way to get visitors to any grin related information.

For example, Grinily is is also linked there.

Community Hub on grin.mw page already directs to Grincc Hub.

Hi CC members, can we prioritize the update for Grin homepage?
I’m going to have some small marketing campaigns such as local and online press release that pointing to this website.

Is there a PR to review?