Is C32 Grin's final PoW update?

I am trying to reconcile two pieces of information and haven’t been able to just by searching.

4 hard forks outlined here, which I take it are all complete, having arrived at 100% C32 PoW.

And this:

“Thereafter, the beginning of Cuckatoo-33 in 2023 marks the phase transitioning to a fully Cuckatoo31+ mined Grin network.”

Is the coindesk article wrong or is there a C32-C33 change coming? And if so is there C34, etc., does it continue?


Edit: I searched more and find that C33+ are on hold, with 18 month notification time before they will be resumed. C32 is only PoW for now and near future.

What I hadn’t found in previous searches is Proof of Work - Grin Documentation

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Not quite correct. Grin’s Pow since the last hardfork is Cuckatoo32+.

That means that it accepts all of C32, C33, C34, … up to C63.
But of course C32 is the preferred choice since C33+ puts much higher demands on mining hardware and software, and we may never see ASICs supporting C33…


Thank you Tromp.

Are there any CPU C33 or C34 miners we can load up with RAM and try to win the lottery on, or would it be pointless?

There are CPU lean miners that will do C33+ but they take more than a minute to process one graph so it’s rather pointless. A GPU can do it in under a minute but it’s almost an order of magnitude less efficient as there will be few sequential accesses to RAM.

The best hope is a slean GPU miner which @Lolliedieb has written (not sure if it’s part of the publicly available lolminer) which I believe would be within 2x of the efficiency of C32.