Difference C31 and C32 ... C33?

Somehow I can’t understand the difference in C31 and C32 mining. How is the difficulty and probability calculated? C31 1Gps is about 0.5 grin / day. When hashrate: 93274.01 GPS. How much would C32 1Gps grin per day? I can’t find the formula or any calculator Grin mning revard fot C31 and C32.


This shows c31 … but I can’t find any c32 either

Is this calculation correct?

the difficulty of a cuckatooN solution is scaled by 2^(N-24) * N, meaning a C32 solution is ~2.06 times worth more than a C31 solution at the same unscaled difficulty (hash)

Thanks, that’s what I was looking for

What exactly does N represent? Difficulty? Graph rate? Something else?

Its Cuckatoo-N with rate N*2^(N-23), so
7936 (originally) fot C31, 16384 for C32, 33792 for C33 …

But C31 currently fades out. Since Jan 16th the scale of C31 reduces weekly by 256, so C32 will in one or two month be better to mine and take over the Cuckatoo fraction of the network

More on this:

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Ah right, did it from memory and forgot the factor was 23 not 24 :slight_smile:

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Will every pool supporting C31 mining also support C32 and above?