Grinmint: New Design for C32 Mining and lower difficulty for C32 miners

Hi fellow miners,

Just to let you know that we reworked the interface of Grinmint with a new C32 display. You can now mine C29, C31 and C32 on the same account (even the same worker if you want).

We also added a brand new mining calculator including C32. So you can now choose whether to mine C29, C31 or C32. As always our APIs is completely open and documented on the website.

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Happy mining!


My dashboard no longer shows any work being done by my miner. I am looking on the C31 tab and there is nada? I am running Grin Miner Version 2.0.0, do I need to upgrade?

My miner still shows shares being accepted.

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Try to clear your browser cache

tabernacle y avait raison, merci

prennez soins

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Where is the C32 calculator? Can’t find it. Thanks.

Refresh the calculator page :slight_smile:

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It’s better, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks. When will the profitability of C32 be more than of C31 with the same GPU?

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Hi, you can use our calculator to know that =>

New Feature: Lower Difficulty for C32 miners

We know that the current minimum share difficulty (4) is very high for C32 miners. As such, we are happy to introduce a lower minimum share difficulty for C32 miners.

To mine at low difficulty for C32 miners your worker’s name MUST finish with "-c32" .

To prevent abuse, we only allow C32 shares on a low difficulty C32 miner. If you sends C29 or C31 shares your miner will get instantly disconnected.

Thank you. Will try C32 again now with the lower difficulty to see if the profitability is better than C31. Without lower difficulty C31 is still better. Are there any user statistics of longer usage and profits of C32 algo?

Great. No not at the moment.

@tromp is it possible to mine C32 with 5GB GPU ?

Not possible currently

In principle a slean miner can mine C32 with only 2GB, but obviously efficiency will suffer more. You’d have to ask Lolliedieb what is the lowest amount of memory currently supported. I seem to remember it’s about 6GB. I’m sure he could provide support for lower amount if properly incentivized:-)

Thank u @tromp and @quentinlesceller for your response. Tromp as said Lolliedieb confirmed they got 4G C32 but not performant…