2Miners = Cuckatoo 32

Looks as if grin.2miners.com got the ball rolling with C32 pool mining via a pool mining site.


Yes, I did test it yesterday, working well :slight_smile:
But they were not the first: you were able to mine C32 on the reference pool software and e.g. grinmint all the time. But good to see 3rd party pool stacks get prepared as well :smiley:

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Ahh, had no idea grinmint was enabling C32. I know direct mining of C32 was possible on the reference software but was caught by surprise that it was available via mining pool websites. For some odd reason C32 is not being advertised as available on pool sites. Had you not said anything I would have never known C32 was able to be mined through grinmint, all of the info on grinmint still surrounds C29 and C31, not a word about C32 on the site yet… 2miners made it a bit more obvious they began C32

So far other sites aren’t making it as obvious, at least not yet. Thanks for the info @Lolliedieb

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