First C32 blocks found on Mainnet

For those who did not follow GrinCon, here is the announcement that with some hard & software effort (using 120 RX 580 mining slightly over a day on an experimental C32 solver for 8G) we found two Cuckatoo-32 blocks on the Grin main chain. Here they are:


Congrats! I can’t help but notice that the coinbase rewards are unspent. :wink:

I would like to start C32 mining with my 2080Tis…

I recently published my miner for 8G AMDs in experimental status - sadly atm no Nvidia support. Well in case the cuda miners do not do a release till mid January I will consider a cuda port as well - but more likely ports of them will come :slight_smile:

Another one mined:

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Lol @mably that was me




Yea, in total we have some now … afaik that was number 6 or 7 on C32 (and the first that was not by lolMiner) :slight_smile:

Good to see the train slowly starts :smiley:

@CloudMiner: what cards are you running and how do they perform on C32? The screen more looks like first C31 then switch to C32? (Unless that are 2080ti :slight_smile: )

No its not lolminer but hey You were the first to experiment and release a c32 miner and I did use it bit noticed it worked better for amd cards but never the less Love ur Work… No not 2080ti… But il show you rather what cards…

Bout 4.2 with lolminer and bout 6 g’s from total of 8 v100’s

Can I mine C32 with 2080Tis?