NVIDIA cards with >= 24GB wanted for testing C32

I need people with huge memory nvidia cards (like Titan RTX or V100 32GB) to test an experimental C32 solver. Please contact me if you have such cards or even better, can provide me ssh access to a machine with one (and with a CUDA compiler installed).

Hello man,
may I suggest you the same way I was testing large capacity cards:

you can rent GPU time there… or here:


this second one you can pay with Bitcoin…

While not quite to your request, we at Sapphire at an RX570 16GB card that has proven solid at C31 and with ePIC Boost is C32 capable now. Would be interested in talking to you about providing a card. Here is a link for more information.

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I have Titan RTX and have had no luck with C31 or C29? Could i try out C32?


So is there a topic describing how to set up C32 mining?