GRIN Algorithms - Past, Present, Future

Hello guys,

and this question is for the Devs and people behind GRIN:

As far as i know, i’ve seen 6 algos related to GRIN mining, as follows:

  • C19 (didn’t see it used anywhere… just present on Grin-Miner)
  • C29 (Cuckaroo29 - Active)
  • C30 (retired)
  • C31 (Cuckatoo31 - Active)
  • C32 (possible after C31)
  • C33 (only heard of it once, just by reference…)

My questions are:
What was C19 used for?
Why was C30 retired?
When for C32?
Worth if even talking about C33 by now?

Thank you,
Take Care.

C19 was the smallest size that was supported by the CUDA miner;
it was never used in Grin testnet, just to help diagnose solver issues.

C30 was used as part of the primary Cuckatoo30+ PoW of testnet4,
and was retired when testnet4 was replaced by floonet in Dec 2018.

C32 and C33 are both part of the mainnet primary PoW Cuckatoo31+, as are C34 through C64, all of which could be used right now, but anything beyond C32 is too hard to solve efficiently with current day hardware.
C32 will become more interesting next year if ASICs have not arrived yet and C31 starts getting phased out (which will take around 7 months altogether).

What equipment will be more suitable for С32?

An ASIC presumably.
But until those arrive, a Titan RTX 24 GB…