Grin-miner has not been updated for two years

Can I use it for solo mining locally? My internal network gateway bans all mining pools for Grin and other cryptos.

Also the doc seems very old. It only contains C29 and C31. What about C32? How to configure it?

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C32 is the only valid algo today, and to profitably mine C32 you need an ASIC (iPollo G1 or G1 mini). If you have an ASIC, you can use your grin node & listening wallet together to solo mine.

So should this be updated to avoid the impression that Grin project is dead?

There is lolminer (AMD) bminer (cuda) and iPollo (ASIC hardware).

Does grin-miner need to be updated? Not really, it is an outdated miner. Is it still referenced anywhere important? Maybe those references need to be deleted.

@tromp Could a C32 x86-64 mean miner be created with a few simple code changes or is it more complicated than that? It would be cool to have one but only as a curiosity.

It is a little weird though if the doc is outdated while it is still presented on the official website. This is not a professional way to do something.

Where is it on the website?

Is that linked somewhere or did you find it by googling?

Is that relevant here? This link is currently a valid page on, which should provide the most updated information.

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It’s the first result when you type ‘mine’ into the search on

I’d just say that should be removed from docs then, rather than updated. Documentation for grin-miner is no longer needed because it’s no longer used.

This page needs to be updated though: