Grin Mining Help

Hi everyone i am a new miner and been trying to get the GrinGoldMiner to work

I got this error message and i cant find any information about this on google please help here is a picture of what it says.

You’re using a miner that’s no longer maintained, that’s trying to mine an algo that’s no longer supported/ has been phased out( C29)

Try this on cuckatoo32: GitHub - NebuTech/NBMiner: NVIDIA & AMD GPU Miner for ETH, RVN, GRIN, BEAM, CFX, AE, SERO, ERGO

so i downloaded it and now trying to use it is there a easy format to copy and paste to where all i got to do is add my information to it

Looks like you’re getting out of memory error, so the issue could be that you need an 8GB GPU to use NBminer. I think Bminer has a C32 solver that supports 6GB cards. So try this instead: Downloads - Bminer