Bminer not working with 6gb nvidea on the new cuckarooz

Dear all,

i have updated to the latest bminer version of today and my 3 6GB nvidea dont work anymore. when i only mine with the 1070TI (8gb )it works. what is going on, how can i fix the " insufficiant memory 5088 gb " error? this started after the hardfork…

and how can i be sure u will fix my problem after i have payed u 20 Grin… I thought this was a sub for helping each other out and help the netwerk get better and bigger by contributing to mining grin, not by asking money or grin for a service …

you can ask on discord more people can help for free

It is, this guy will get banned. Don’t hesitate to join the keybase community.

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What is discord? :slight_smile:

nobody can help me? i have just upgraded to the latest version of Bminer but on my 6GB cards ( nvidea ) i still get the error " insufficient memory 5088 mb , miner died " … i have really no idea how i can fix this. please someone help

Sorry, Don’t want to pay for this. I am mining with another miner now. All works. But I have the impression that bminer is faster. So I want to make bminer work.

I’d be wary of random guys on the internet with DarkNet in their nickname claiming to help :))