Bminer crashing unpredictably

Hey guys, I am mining few weeks on Bminer.
Everything is going well, except it crashes sometimes unpredictably.
I mean there is no error during the mining process, it just completely vanishes and the command line window is gone from time to time.The antivirus has an exception on the whole folder, so it´s not killing it.
I wouldn´t mind it much, I can easily just restart it every time it crashes. But it sucks mainly when it´s killed during the night and then there are few hours of idleness.
Running on Win10/Bminer 15.3.0 (the same bug occurred on the previous version)
Just let me guys know if you have had a similar issue, thanks.

I’m digging with 4 2080Tis under Linux with latest BMiner. Everything is fine except weak PCUs I am trying to run with these 4 cards… :angry:

Thnks, I think I am going to switch to Linux too, maybe it will be more stable.
What PSUs are you running on?

I have already tried three power supplies. Thermaltake Baikal TP-1500AH5CEG, Chieftec Navitas PPS-1450FC 1450W and Exegate SHP1700. Yes, I’m trying to save some money. :confused:

Not sure what is your final configuration, but maybe you should use more PSUs with lower watts, divided to power up MB and cards separately. So let´s say for 4-5 card miner, I would use 3 PSUs.

No. I want 1 PSU. It’s not a big deal for PSU to carry 1.1-1.2 kWt. Besides my frame is not so wide, it’s just for 4 cards like 2080Tis, so it is not so easy to mount an additional PSU there…