How to Restore a Canceled transaction?

I’m using Niffler latest version.
While trying to send Grin to my wallet via ‘Hedwig’ address, I got 'Canceled status for that transaction.
In my sending account, the status appears ‘Complete’ for that transaction
I tried to restore the Niffler wallet and to run the ‘Check Balanced’ but the problem remains
What can I do to restore my Grin coins?

I’ll appreciate your comments. Please help me.

do “check balance” on both wallet(sender’s wallet and receiver’s wallet)。
And the total balance should be correct.
you coin won’t be lost.

I ran “check balance” on both wallets.
The receiver wallet is Grin++ and shows no coins.
The sender is Hotbit exchange and it shows that the coins were sent (in withdrawal history)

I’m starting to think that Hotbit is stealing money from customers.
Opened a ticket for it but they didn’t respond after 3 days.

Any suggestions?

Hotbit cannot show succesful withdraw without your wallet confirmation

They did :frowning:
There is no one there to talk to. Ignoring all my requests

Perhaps hotbit is another exchange with “optimistic update” success implementation. We already have a few that we know do that and this is likely the reason for most support tickets on their end

I’m afraid that their lack of response will lead to them not returning my coins.
Any suggestion on how to get someone from Hotbit to resolve it?

Is there any decent place to buy GRIN?

Buy on poloniex 20% bitforex 20% gate 20% hotbit 20% bittrex 20% when come mibile walet than 30% there…

I know that both BitForex and MXC grin withdrawals definitely work well.

But don’t give up on HotBit, keep harassing them until you receive an answer.

if thise exchange use telegram then try ask on it always faster then email

Thank you guys for your help.
Hotbit refunded the coins to my account.

My conclusions from the last week:

  1. Many exchanges are scammers, it is hard to trust them with our money.
  2. If you don’t get an answer from support - keep harassing them until you receive what you want.
  3. To get admin/support response in Telegram is much faster than email
  4. Niffler wallet sucks, I found 4 critical bugs and stopped using it

Have a great weekend, and I wish you would make a lot of money and become rich :moneybag:

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Report the bugs to Jay. He is awesome and niffler is pretty cool


I had the exact same situation with - been waiting for my 8,000+ GRIN for almost 9 weeks now.