Can smn help me recover my GRIN?

Hi there.

Can smn help me?

I had 2 GRIN TXs on about 9 weeks ago for almost 9,000 GRIN.

They were withdrawn to my Niffler wallet but the TXs were pending for 3 days so I canceled. The coins never reappeared in my account and I have contacted support so many times. They just keep telling me to be patient. Patient?! LOL It’s been 9 weeks!

As I understand my GRIN can’t be lost but I can’t use the hedwig TX ID to find it on the block explorer, or at least I am not doing something right.

Any ideas what I can do?

Would really appreciate some help here.

Here is a full explanation with TX links:

i think has your coins. Your coins not lost. Ping the support gate again.


try do it in niffler wallet:
go to rightup corner of niffler wallet “more” → “check balance”
after check balance, if your blalance is the same as before, so the tx is never successful and you coin is in

try contact gateio

I have pinged them over a dozen times

I have contacted them so many times - they are not fixing the situation

I checked balance - GRIN is not there - has to have it

UPDATE: Ran a little retweet giveaway calling out for their negligence and GRIN was returned into account shortly thereafter: