How do you deploy Grin+friends?

I am soliciting feedback about how (standalone, systemd, docker, kube, etc.) and where (home vs cloud) community members prefer to deploy Grin (node+wallet) and the rest of the components (stratum server, miner, pool software). Also, know-how about how exchanges and merchants have been deploying nodes so far would be desirable to share in this thread. I have been meaning to spend some time to write a Grin operator that would by default use automated updates via secure binary verification, but haven’t managed to find time so far. Anyway, throwing this idea out mainly because I wanted to get to know how people want their deployments to look like so we can potentially standardize the install experience and rally around a single robust framework that can work in various platforms.


Hey there, I started work on docker-grin It is still very much a work in progress. @kargakis noted on github that I should crosspost here. This work started as a DOS/Spam mitigation ticket to address issue 1427

If anyone else has similar work I am looking for collaborators. This is how I plan to run my grin node. Feel free to make issues and PRs

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Instructions on deploying Grin on floonet via systemd can be found in the wiki.