Grin v5.2.0-alpha.2 released!

Version 5.2.0-alpha.2 has been tagged and released.

From @Yeastplume ;

Please check the release page to see what needs to be tested! (Mostly PIBD and seeds)

Things to test:

  • Syncing on scratch on testnet via PIBD.
  • Leaving testnet node offline for over a week then starting again. PIBD should kick off from the last verified height.
  • DNS seeds for mainnet and testnet have been updated!

Running stable now longer than I feel like Alpha 1 did. Great release.

Must be like two weeks now. Rock solid.


@Mattczt is having an issue with the wallet listener stopping. It happens on tor and HTTP. Have you had any related problems with this?

I rarely run grin-wallet so I don’t know, but my ironbelly seems to connect to my node ok.

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