Hashed Price Predictions

Let’s have some fun. Below is a SHA256 hash of my price prediction both for the ultimate bottom (counting from now on) and for the price in the beginning of 2022.


It would be sweet to make this thread a collection of predictions, which could be revealed in 1.5 years.

The format is:

bottom: X$
2022: Y$
random: Z

Simply replace the variables X, Y and Z with numbers and run the text through a SHA256 generator. Write down the numbers somewhere so you can reproduce the hash in the future and prove your prediction.

Feel free to join the fun and post in the comments.


Add a line like

salt: usdyqwgsi

to avoid people trying to guess your predictions.
In MW terms, you’ve coded the value, but forgot the random blinding factor:-)


Great suggestion!

Here is mine:


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Done. Thanks for noting.

Here is mine:

I ended up using Python hashlib, does anyone know a good bash command line tool for SHA256 that does allow salting?

Salting is just added randomness so any will do e.g. sha2sum

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just make sure when using sha256sum to not output the trailing newline when using echo command to create the price prediction.


:~$ echo "GRIN" | sha256sum 

21d91b2f96677e9a3036460a5509b505cbd1e112e5af6fe36378c5e8d72b6504 -

:~$ echo -n "GRIN" | sha256sum 


it makes it easy to verify later as it produces two different hashes when (not) used.

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I did not use sha256sum since I thought it did not support using a salt, or at least I could not find any example on how to specify the salt.
Only later I realized the salt could be put in the to be encrypted text instead to avoid a user from brute forcing/trying to guess the text used as input. So instead of
" :~$ echo "GRIN" | sha256sum
The relevant text with some random text
" :~$ echo "GRIN and some random characters :2%$34fflvuCVhALeDx0v" | sha256sum

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Mine: 4593A37AA4FC02CACE613AE295322B57FEA6A31655351071ADEB15B01B61E628

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I did not use sha256sum since I thought it did not support using a salt, or at least I could not find any example on how to specify the salt.

Yes, another example could be:

echo -e “Prediction: \n
bottom: 1$
2022: 4$
random: 23432534634” | sha256sum
55836b09923670dc4670520e4106a90ca7e9048ca457c9af4234885242ecd92b -

result would be: 55836b09923670dc4670520e4106a90ca7e9048ca457c9af4234885242ecd92b

Indeed, that is how the example would look like. But if I understand it correctly, the bottom specified by @Paouky is the ‘All time low’ reached by Grin in its existence till begin 2022. So the 1$ for bottom should be $0.3058 or lower since that was the all time low reached so far at March 13, 2020.

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Actually I meant the ultimate bottom from now on, not bounded by past data. I’ll edit that in to be clear.

Mine 2E705092FBBBF5CC3A02C7C7CE36A60BD5380FF55A6A4241705484DA1858EB42

do you guys still remember your prediction ? i forgot mine :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Lol. Ye I wrote it down.

I used some Python code for that reason, so I could look back at it whenever I want, I do not trust my memory that much.