Grin Miner got stuck while wallet is working fine

OS: Macos mojave 10.14.1
PC: iMac pro with 1 processor and 14 cores
Graphics: Radeon pro Vega 64 with 16GB of HBM2 memory
Grin&Grin miner version: 0.4.2
Config changed in grin-miner.toml:
nthreads = 12
cpuload = 1

Hello guys, I just set up Grin Miner today, and got some grin coin mined, but I found the Grin miner got stuck and 100 block height behind the active block height, anyone have the same issue, how did you fixed it?

After delete & rebuild grin-miner without modify grin-miner.toml, it worked and caught up with the active block for a while, but it’s leg behind the active block half an hour later.

And got stuck a whole night.

I didn’t see any errors when monitor the grin-miner.log.