Miner repeatedly gets stuck while syncing

After building and running the grin miner, I see connecting to peers for a short period until peers connect and then the “latest header” field starts incrementing. Shortly afterwards my chain height begins to increase until at some point (usually only a few minutes or less later) the “latest header” stops increasing after which chain height stalls.

I can stop the miner, restart it and we begin back at connecting to peers from the previous chain height. Latest header populates (a little above current chain height), increases seemingly significantly and chain height takes off until… stall again. I’m only able to go up about 100 blocks at a time between these stalls and I haven’t (yet) observed a clear culprit in logs.

If there are any specific things that would be helpful for me to provide I would be happy to do so. It’s been a few years since I got a linux box up and running much less compiled a crypto miner so I’m sure I’m missing at least a few obvious things but the behaviour does seem quite bizarre.

Please update and rebuild. I believe your issue may have been fixed recently.