Grin-miner on OSX cannot execute binary (Beginner)

I am on a MBP. 15" 2017, 2.9GHz, i7, 16GB RAM, Radeon Pro 560 4GB RAM
I installed a wallet and made it listen.
I run grin with double click. Nice ASCII Window
Mining Server status
enabled: true, running: true
My CPU is at 100%
I edited the .toml file for pool mining.
I double click grin-miner and it throws me the error:

…/grin/grin-miner-v1.0.2/grin-miner: cannot execute binary file
Saving session…
…copying shared history…
…saving history…truncating history files…

Am I mining or is it just verifying the blocks?
I have no clue :wink:

Where did you get your copy of a Mac OS binary of the grin-wallet? What is the size of the grin-wallet command that you are trying to run?

I got it from here

Why do you ask about the wallet? I run it in listening mode. But I can’t start grin miner.