Grin is one of 58 coins on the S*IT-PERP

Guess we are the laughing stock. I hope this gets this community moving.

The developers have done an amazing job. We need to start doing out part

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Future markets are a sign of health.

And yes grin would be low tier until the inflation is under control, the pow has asics and the software is battle tested.

On the contrary take it as a compliment it’s made such a short list, these would be coin were poeple feel there is an actual future if black swan.

Grin is included In a list of a ‘$hit coin’ list. Theres 3 lists (alt index/ mid index/ and Sh*t index). It’s obviously an insult but hey, I love your thinking. Let’s ignore the bad stuff and only focus on the good, better yet twist the bad into a good. Love it, you’ve shown great desire to listen and take action (being obviously sarcastic here).

This is an obvious wake up call but hey, let’s just sit here and pretend everything is alright.

Expected better from you Monkyyy

rollz eyes me being accused of optimism, really?

I picked another random coin from the list and it was also a far above average coin.

They picked cautiously. With grin is hovering around 100, for it to make a list of 58, they were removing shit that broke the top 100 quite liberally at minimum.

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A simple search on the website proves that what you said above is completely false & ungrounded in facts. Here is the website

  • The ALT index has 9 coins - best coins apart from BTC
  • The Mid index has 24 coins which rank which aren’t exactly the top but aren’t $HIT either
  • The $HIT index has the worst 58 coins which they have labelled as $HIT

I don’t like calling you out, but you make it so easy!

It’s an interesting debate and I believe it would be useful for a Grin to have a few ‘official’ spokespeople/outreachers to convey the general vision and roadmap (such as is known) to entities in the ecosystem, exchanges, journalists, media outlets etc. A difficulty with that is, it would likely be perceived as centralized /hierarchical type behaviour by many Grinners that goes against the open-source, community-led, decentralized, credo cf. the old chesnut of who calls the shots in a totally egalitarian system. The main promoters/core-developers of Grin seem quite purist in their thinking and probably believe that Grin will rise in the ‘league table’ on its own merits over time with continued development of its security, utility, robustness, and all that good stuff. In terms of perceived value, there were no ICOs, air-drops, magical wand-waving to generate millions of coins out of thin air etc so I’d be much more confident that the market value of a Grin has more correlation with some unit of effort that was required to create it than many of the coins above in currently in the Top 100 ‘league table’. Also, total market cap. right now may not be the best way to determine whether a coin is a shitcoin or not. In time, the cream will rise and the turds will sink. That being said, I don’t think there is any shame in providing honest, informative public representation to varies parties that might be interested and might help to spread the word about the merits of the project to a more general audience. Even among the best projects, there will be competition for attention and users. The methods and protocols for doing so probably need to be decided by some very democratic means within the community however, with buy-in from the core dev. team who are de facto the custodians of Grin.


@grindify I swear to God, this is the best comment I have read in this whole forum. Honestly, you truly understand this project.

Thank you and glad to have a fellow Grinner of your calibre onboard

you do know we just started january

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True, it’s still early days but we can either bury our head in the sand or keep an open mind and keep up to date with out how the wider audience precieves us. Don’t see any benefit in the former. The latter might be annoying but could be beneficial

then y r u sounding un-settled. we are still creating opportunities

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Remember something about this being mentioned on the RFC. Must admit, don’t fully understand it. Will try to get my head around it by tonight

Hi Swizz, I have noticed that the general ethos of the Grin team and some of the community is that there is no rush for adoption or listing. They are confident in their project and believe the truth will out.

There is no rush.

They need to be able to have a finished product out there. Also we are waiting for the security audit preliminary and re-audit findings. I hope that there are not any serious problems. If they are they will fix it.

You may have noticed that I stopped getting to involved last week. It felt that any idea I had, had 100 detractors. I also started to see people I respect giving snarky comments. The more I engaged in the community, the less i felt part of it.

I’ve seen you head that way also from some of your recent posts.

This forum is just a silo. This is not the real world.

If you want keep doing your positive outreach and just ignore ‘haters’.

I have to laugh at an exchange that needs a derogatory term to describe low marketcap coins.

Fact is, the only way a coin can avoid starting out with a low marketcap, is to have a large premine, i.e. be a you-know-what-coin.


Ha, grin literally does not qualify as a shitcoin, youre right.

so foolish.

and i agree @monkyyy, futures markets are a sign of value.

It depends on the metric used. In this case FTX have used market cap to judge Grin as being a $hit coin.