Grin historical trade data?

I’m looking for historical data sets from Polonox & Bitrrex. Ideally, high-resolution data eg Trade by trade. However, even minute data would be OK.

I’ve been recording from Polo, but I’ve had issues with their API and have missed big chunks.

Would anyone be kind enough to share some, or point me in the right direction to where I can buy it?

You know all that data’s made up, right? There is no trading data for Grin. In fact, I seriously doubt bitcoin or ethereum trading data is meaningful or real, but especially Grin. Especially those two exchanges, it’s obviously printed creatively.

Your comments are not accurate or helpful. Sure, there are market makers running the book, taking both sides, however, they are still trading against other participants. These 2x exchanges are probably the most legitimate and have no wash trades( trades that occur between the best bid/ask- That is the definition of made up data).

I seriously doubt that you know what you’re talking about, considering high-resolution consolated historical data sets from main exchanges now sell for upwards of $30,000. There’s an increasing demand from crypto data because there’s more alpha( markets are not as efficient) vs traditional markets.

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That’s true. …

And I certainly don’t know what I’m talking about. My life function is to make stuff up and talk out my butt. I just post about coins I can’t afford to buy from my mom’s basement. It’s almost snack time!