Grin Full-node Day!

Chinese biggest Grin community named “Gringotts古灵阁”, recently discussed and organized the first “Grin Full-node Day”.

We all know Grin has two principles:Minimal & Fair

Minimal makes it possible to unify anonymous private transactions and the capacity scalability of blockchains.

So the Full-node is light wight then btc,better then all old style private coin.

According to Metcalfe’s law: the value of a network is equal to the square of the number of nodes in the network. It can be concluded that when a cryptocurrency network has more nodes, the more secure and higher value the network be.

So everyone can lightwightly run a wallet with Full node,easily secure the network & increase the network value。

So,we encourage everyone to join the full node day event。
what is the full node day event?
in every 15th(Grin’s month birthday) of every month,community encourage new and existing users to install and run Grin full nodes, atleast in that day.

Set a small goal first, let number of full nodes catch up with the BTC full nodes.

The first phase of the full node day was successfully held in chinese community , On Sept 15th, China’s total Grin Full-node num has increased by dozens.


Exciting news, this is where many communities need to learn!


We are helping to archive more Full-Nodes for the network. Thank you @g0720664 .
Here is our work to be part of the “Grin Full-node Day”

Some statistics

Thread to follow:

Our global todo:
We need to write easy tutorials for new GRIN users to setup a Node


Great stuff.

Let’s do a worldwide full node day on Feb15 2020


Great ppl, we get the spirit.

The Chinese community has held several full node days, and each time new users have joined, and existing users have also participated. It is good practice to run full nodes when using cryptocurrency.

Once a month is a very good frequency, and the community needs a long-term activity to get people more involved.

You can easily participate the Full Node Day by just install a Grin wallet. We generally recommend using Niffler wallet which has a built-in full node. It’s really easy to setup.

Or you can choose Grin++ wallet.

On the full node day , we also can check the growth of the number of the full nodes.

Dafei from the Grin Chinese community has spontaneously created an open source website that can see the full node data of various countries in near real time

Or you can also use

On the full node day, in addition, we can do some other community activities, such as lottery give away, promote Grin eco products, and even encourage donation behavior (especially when the market is performing well=),and so on.


@g0720664 thank you for providing these grin-node overview service.
Is this code open source, I could also run it on our HA infrastructure to provide an overview?

The developer said it is open source, and put the code on github about the end of the month
(The code needs to be organized)

I will keep updated information here

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Could any one help running nodes on raspberry Pi ?

i think a grin community member did it in keybase, tturbulence, he speaks about it in #general.

you can maybe try to reach him out over there

Thank you @Kurt :+1:

Thanks to @g0720664 's reminds.

  1. I had installed rust, and built Grin v3.0.0 beta1 grin full node and grin-wallet on a Raspberry Pi 4B with 2Gig Memory, with Raspbian installed, and without any cross-compilation. BTW Node.js v13.3 and Electron 6.0.1 worked well too on this Raspberry Pi . Follow all the official docs you will do well too !
  2. Using Raspberry Pi 3B with 1Gig memory I cannot compile grin node due too OOM. 3B model doesn’t has over 1G mem, but 4B have 2/4Gig mem models.
  3. After that I also tried using Ubuntu 16.04 to cross-compile rust projects but failed. A friend of mine suggested me to use Ubuntu 19.04 to do this cross-compilation work, and maybe your 3B has to run on a ubuntu19.04_armv7l too, so plz check these out at your will.
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the code i have put on

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@tturbulence thank you for the information great :+1: :+1:

please see this~

Thanks @xbbdjj :grin: :+1: :+1: :+1:

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