[REJECTED] GRINツ stack exchange Area 51 community

Perhaps I can share some personal pain with GRIN and it’s community from my perspective. I do understand your frustration and possible anger towards a community which is diverse and not easy to understand.

  • My first GRIN blog post in 2019 did start my commitment towards GRIN.

After I learned how GRIN was working I did see the opportunity to help GRIN with my skills and supply a few nodes to the Network which I did in Dec 2019 and never stopped since then.

I dedicated a lot of time towards a high-available GRIN infrastructure to support GRIN and the GRIN network. This took weeks of work to automate the process but it was my way of giving something back.
By this time having earned some reputaion, if you could call it, I was allowed to be part of the DNS-Seed of GRIN wich to me was a big thing as I always where feeling no one noticed me during these times and the effort I did put into the work.

Afterwards we noticed we had a low count of GRIN-nodes in our network and no one wanted to do something about. So I took the initiative and create the GRIN-Node Challenges because I was not seeing anyone doing much about it.

Again this was frustrating to start with but fun while we made it, as I did involve GRIN community members and it felt like we are archiving something together.

enough about me, but with this I wanted to give you an example on why I am still here :slight_smile:

  • The lack of bigger community projects is currently something we need to focus on and start looking for ideas.

You @renzokuken are one of the community members who stood out with your work on GRIN:

It is normal when working with GRIN to be at least frustrated once and want to quit.
I was also near quitting but then I remembered, GRIN has no central authority and no central leadership.

Each and everyone needs to do his small part for GRIN , as we are not centrally organized and everyone if free in his decisions. This makes GRIN a bit sluggish but interesting to work with. Also working with GRIN I did meet a lot of way smarter people then I am and this is also something we should not forget. The community consist of people believing in tech and not only speculators.

@renzokuken GRIN need’s you and please reconsider your decision.