Grin++ Address change

I changed address in my account. Now my miners are mining in a pool to old address. I have the same accoun and seed but different address. How to change to “old” address?

Probably in the pool settings you can change your payout address. If that is not possible, simply create a new wallet in Grin++ using the mnemonic from your mining wallet. It will create a new wallet with default address.
As far as I know there is no settings file in Grin++ to set these values yourself for wallets. Correct me if I am wrong @davidtavarez.
Perhaps time to implement a wallet.toml config file in Grin++.

I had the same issue and from what I remember the mining pool will not be able to pay to your old address. You will have to contact the mining pool and ask them to send the mined coins to the new address and change your miners to the new address for future payments.

That is correct.

The easy solution is to:

  1. Check the wallet settings and turn on the reuse address switch.
  2. Restore the wallet using a new username, that will give you the initial address based on your seed.

Or, contact the pool to update your wallet address.