Grin Wallet713 Payout Help - F2Pool

I have installed my node an set up my wallet and mining away successfully, but I am confused as to how I get f2pool to pay me, when I click to add my wallet address it has http:// in front of it. Do I need to type http://grinbox: [address here].

Pool says it won’t keep funds after a while so i’m keen to get this put in my wallet!

Thanks in advance.

That’s to be paid out to an exchange, not my wallet…

They don’t support Grinbox or Wallet713. You have to use the grin wallet and make sure that its port 3415 is open to the Internet to receive incoming requests. Then on f2pool you put http://address:3415 in the Payment settings.

I tried to create a grin wallet and some of the commands weren’r recognized on OSX so I gave up…

What are you using to enter the commands on OSX?