Sparkpool will drop Grin support after the 4th hard fork and no known exchange support tor address yet

I am mining at 2miners now. However 2miners will only accept tor address after the 4th hard fork.

To get a tor address wallet, I will either use an exchange or run one by myself. However, as far as I know, there is no exchange supporting tor address.

For self-serving wallet, It is extremely difficult for a regular user to maintain an online Grin++ wallet that serves a tor address for two main reasons:

  1. It will require a 24-hour server running.
  2. Tor is blocked in my country.

Current situation force me to mine ETH instead of Grin after the 4th hard fork.

I would try convincing 2miners to support slatepacks (cut&paste) to send payouts to your registered grin1 address.


Not sure whether they are willing to do so. Even if they do, how long will it take?

They said they wont support Grin after HF.

Per warning presented on their webpage, 2miners will support Tor address.


Here is what I got from my inquiry to 2miners

John Smith (2Miners)

Jan 13, 2021, 14:47 GMT+1

Dear XXXX,

No. We will not support that.
You could turn on your wallet only when the payment is needed.

Thanks for your request
Good luck!
2Miners Support Team

And my inquiry here:

Jan 13, 2021, 13:10 GMT+1

Will you support using slatepacks (cut&paste) to payout Grin after the 5.0.0 hard fork? Maintain a Grin++ wallet 24 hours online to use tor address is so difficult!

I wrote a blog post explaining how to use Grin++ in countries where Tor is blocked: Bypassing Internet Censorship to receive Grins via Grin++ | David Tavarez

Maybe you will need to change bridges from time to time.

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This is the current approach I am using. However, it is so annoying that the bridge can become invalid at anytime. What happens if the bridge breaks when I conduct a transaction from the pool? What a headache.

BTW: currently I can only tell the tor is work by noticing that the https address is green. After HF4, does the https address still has the same meaning? Or in other words, can you make the tor address green if it really works?

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On Grin++ after this fork you will see something like this:



Use grinmint, not only does one of our own work there, but it’s a great pool imo. They’ll let you use skatepack I believe

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