GPU's? Quality or Quantity from the noob

After crunching the number to mine Grin on the calculator @Shobji provided me and so far it looks like smart money is to buy a lot of cheaper slower GPU’s instead of one or two of the faster more expensive GPU’s on the market. Keep in mind in my position electricity cost is not a issue. Are there any drawbacks to having a 19 GPU rig as opposed to running a more expensive rig with fewer cards?

Heat and noise come to mind. Plus with 19 GPUS that’s 19 points of potential failure you may to have to keep dealing with.

Other than that it seems like a good idea to me!

In theory this works and I am doing the same with 1070ti which I was able to buy ridiculously cheap. Also I have no power costs. This is really profitable but the problem with these cards is that their life span is a lot shorter. With the 2080ti it is doable but with Ampere coming within a short time the 10 series are being pushed out of the market.

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Yes exactly what u say is right if Power cost is not a issue but then Radeon VII at around $650 - $700 and around 0.75gps on C32 is also great.

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Awesome thanks for all your feed back! Would you all mind if I post the build I have in mind and see what your opinions are?

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Of course we would love that


Hello I posted the build I’m considering above. Any feedback will be appreciated. Thanks!

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other things are ok But I am not sure about IBM power supply as it may have single output which are used by IBM for their data centre. For rigs we need Power supply with multiple outputs to connect each Graphic card. Power supplys made by EVGA, Crosair, Cooler Master and lot … and they come upto 1200w to 1600w you can go for 2nos (like 800w + 1200W /1600w) if you need 2000w, it depends on how many Graphic cards you are going to add. And yes go for minimum 8GB ram and SSD drive hard disk. Check for number of PCI-E 6+2 Pins which will power Graphic Cards. An example link

And yes what @bluimes says is right check them too

The image is a bit fuzzy so hard to see.

But as it appears you want to put a AMD (AM4) on an intel b250 (1151). That is not going to fit. You should search for a intel cpu that fits that board. F.i. a i3 or a i5 in the price range that suits you.
Make sure you find good ddr4 memory for the boards as well.

Also I would look really closely at those risers and power supply. Those risers must be compatible with the video card you are using.