Mixed 1880ti rig?

I have been searching for used 1880ti GPUs for a GRIN rig I am planning to build soon. I have found a few but each of them is from a completely different manufacturer. Will this work OK? or is it best to keep them all the exact same card?

Found INNO, Gigabyte, EVGA and MSI.

Has anyone else mixed 1880ti’s across multiple manufacturers on a single rig? What were your results?

Sorry folks, I just realized I meant to type 1080ti instead of 1880ti in my main post.

I’ve mixed different manufacturer models of 1080 Ti and the only draw back is that some of the cards will require a manual setting in MSI Afterburner (may only update exact model cards). This may have been resolved in future updates tho.

A pair of x13 1080 Ti rigs I built in Q2 of 2018:

I will say that sticking to similar memory capacity GPUs is more important in regards to Grin, as in a rig of all 11GB 1080 Ti and 2080 Ti for c31. Or, all 8GB 1070 Ti and 2070 Super for c29m. Otherwise, you’ll have to split into multiple mining instances per rig as I did here:

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:astonished: Impressive. That’s a whole lot of cuda…

I am awaiting delivery of my ASUS B250 board which supports up to 19 GPUs and up to 3 power supplies. It might take some time before I completely fill it as video cards are just ridiculously expensive here in New Zealand. I managed to pick up 4 of them for around $500 USD each (used). New they would cost about double.

ASUS’s Mining Expert MB is a good board, best of it’s time, and their Mining Master is probably the best mining motherboard available to this day. I started out with B250s w/ i7 7500T and have since replaced most rigs with their H370s with i9 9900T. I say most, because I can’t find anymore available on the market to upgrade the remaining rigs with. 1.5 years since the H370 launuched and no newer mining MB released since, guess future tech is on hold until alt season is in full bloom.

You should consider using eBay or Reddit HardwareSwap or bitcointalk.org market for good deals on hardware. I buy most of my cards used on eBay. 27% of my GPUs are Turing, and yet I only bought 1 or 2 new at retail, the rest I purchased 2nd hand new or used off eBay (lowest price on net, no tax, free shipping, 10% eBay bucks, 1.5% back from Chase Freedom).

If you don’t mind my asking what prices are you able to pick up the 1080tis o ebay for? The problem with New Zealand is if you import anything into the country and its value is $400 NZD or greater (about $260 USD) then there is 15% GST tax charged by customs. This is our sales tax on goods and services, even though the item was purchased overseas, local sales tax applies. Hence part of the reason things are so expensive here.

It would be hard to pay > $500 for a 1080 Ti off eBay, unless it was new/sealed or a Hybrid (water-cooled) model or something exotic like a highly binned Kingpin with copper heatsink. And when it comes to customs duties, just have your seller leave off any mention of a business and send from personal name only, declare as computer parts for repair, low value of $60 or less, exclude invoice, no packing slip, and consider marking as a gift. 10 times out of 10, the customs worker is going to be be too lazy, or perhaps too busy, to verify functionality and value and will just go by the value declared.