Buying second hand mining rig

I’m in the market to buy and set up my own little rig at home and a friend offered to sell me his.
Could someone advise me if the following worth it or I should build a new one with higher specs:
Cpu celeron g3930
Ram hyperx ddr4 2x8gb
Motherbord asus b250 mining expert
Gpu msi 8x1080ti
Power supply
1x 1000w
2x 850w
1x 550w


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how many GB are the 1080s?

1080tis are only available on 11gb if i recall correctly

mining rigs usually fit only 2 psus, so you’re going to need 2 really big ones for those 1080tis which use about 250w each, i’d recommend 2x1200w at least

celeron isn’t enough for mining grin, get something more powerful

the b250 i’ve heard many horror stories, i’ve used only the Asrock H110 Pro BTC+ and never had problems

also 16gb of ram seems like a lot, 4 or 8gb is enough

just my first impressions, not sure if all of this is 100% accurate, it’s worth waiting for someone else to reply

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What CPU requirements are there for mining? Why do you say he should get something more powerful?

Pentium G4600 kabylake, and RAM 4GB is enough

Wrong. He would need at least 6GB to mine on CuckARoo, but I think 8GB is preferred.

Yes fine if your are really getting total package at very low price. PSU you need total 2500watts so three are enough (1000+2x850).