RTX 3000 series mining, 3070 3080 3090

Starting a thread for the new NVIDIA cards to get an idea of mining performance and support for Grin.
Feel free to post any results that are available so far.

We will finally see >= 1 gps on C32.
Just don’t know if it will take a 3090, a 3080 20GB, or a plain 3080:-)

I sold most of my 1080TI’S now. Not going to reinvest in new GPU’s as I don’t think you will ever have a decent ROI. I will wait for the ASIC once there are good trustworthy distributors.

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At least with the GPU’s you can sell them when you are done. Although ASIC’s would be much more efficient.

Plus we got Big Navi around the corner. Should be some good improvements all around.

I have a hard time finding the price of the 3080 20 GB upgrade, but I expect this card will have the sweet spot in the performance price ratio for C32 mining. The 3090 takes tree slots and should only be marginally faster than the 3080 (+10%) on the clock.
I am only not sure if having a multiple of 8GB, so 24GB video ram (3090) instead of 20GB (3080 20GB version), has added benefits. e.g. is it more efficient for the solver? Do you know if that could make a large difference @tromp?
You probably know more about the current solvers and if they require multiples of 4GB or 8 GB.

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That is also true. Most of 1080ti are sold for 40 to 50% of their initial value. That is after ± 3 years mining. A few burned tho, but you would have that risk also with asics.

I think 20 GB should suffice for optimal efficiency, so the extra 4GB on the 3090 won’t benefit it.

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It looks like GMiner added support in their latest release for RTX 3000 series.


That’s a pretty good return for 3 years of mining. I got 110% for Radeon VII’s after 1.5 yrs.
Any idea why those fried on you?


Yeah because all manufacturers make components as cheap as possible so that they survive a few years but not too long. Popularly would say Chinese s***. But it is not that simple. I once worked in a company that used to make valves but that division got bankrupt as the valves were that good they never broke. Now they engineer them in way they get broken after a few years. The same counts for hardware. Besides that: when you let them mine 24/7 factors like dust, heat, humidity, bad power supply wears them down. They all died on power peaks tho. So every time when I put on the big power switch I am sniffing like my dog :wink:

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Why didn’t you just start mining etheum?..

I used to mine that. But I lost faith as they broke consensus.


Anyone already got there 3070, 3080, or 3090?
Graph rates pretty please.

Miners have posted results for 3080 on Kawpow and while hash performance is > 2080 Ti, that’s with significantly more energy consumed. When you factor energy efficiency watt/hash, 3080 is only 5% or so more efficient than 2080 Ti. Tho that’s likely to improve for 30 series as drivers and mining programs improve.

I’m waiting for Ti models. Made the mistake getting non-Ti models with 10 series, and sold off 1070 and 1080s to get 1080 Ti. For 20 series, I had already learned this lesson and only bought 2080 Ti. Will likely do same for 30 series, only 3080 Ti, so no buyers remorse when it comes to upgrading within the same generation, since won’t really be any upgrade options beyond going Titan.


Sounds like a lot of money on GPU’s! Do you feel Kawpow has the same mining characteristics in terms of mining performance as C32 then? Clearly processing hashes and graphs are significantly different.

Kawpow uses more energy/watts than c32, but is more stable. Miner program would restart on c32 within minutes, not hours for all 40 mining instances. Not a crash of rigs, just mining program must stop then restart. With Kawpow, it’s very stable, can go days between mining program restarts. Perhaps this could be resolved on the mining program side with updates, but that never happened. Not that big a deal tho, as rig would rarely and stop or crash completely, just have to go through brief auto restart to begin mining c32 again (I use Awesome Miner for rig management).

As you mentioned I think that is more an issue with the mining program than the algorithm being C32. I can run C32 pretty much indefinitely on Linux.

Plenty of other miners report this same issue of the mining program restarting on c32 when using Gminer:

Bminer was even less reliable for me for some reason, sometimes it wouldn’t work at all no matter how much I tinkered, even with pool admin assistance, but I’m using Windows 64-bit Pro on all rigs under Awesome Miner management system. I’ve mined Grin on MWGrinPool, Grinmint, & 2miners. I believe I finally capitulated as a GPU miner for Grin yesterday as I pulled away the remaining rigs to point elsewhere (now I’m RVN & ETH only). The constant bleed in Grin’s value is unrelenting and I’m a miner who mines and holds and is too stubborn to trade away for large cap projects. Maybe I’ll return with c32 ASIC.

Maybe try Linux :sunglasses: for more stability. But it’s okay if you are feeling capitulated for Grin.

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