Best settings for RTX2080 Ti 11GB mining C31/C32

Personally I use Gminer on Windows, RTX2080Ti Inno3D 11GB version, C31, with +220 Mhz on GPU core, +600 on memory, power at 76%.
This gets me 2.16 G/s, uses 188W, so 0.01 G/W efficiency. Anyone found better settings?

All I know is that you should mine C32 now :wink:

@mably I tried 2 weeks back and earned less with C32 than with C31 using Gminer. Which software and which gpu and memory clock settings did you use? Maybe I used the wrong mining software or wrong clock settings.

Using Bminer. Earning far more grins mining C32 than mining C31 using gminer as I was doing before.

~20-25% more I would say now.

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Thx, I will give it a shot. Any specific gpu core and memory settings you use?

Factory defaults here. Definitely not a mining expert.

Ok, I will give it a try and search for optimal parameters, once I found them I will report them here.

Thx! @mably, I now mine C32 with G-miner, and I get much better results than with C31, about 30% more :money_mouth_face:. I think when I tried it a couple week backs I used the core overclock, memory overclock and power management settings for C31 which made the hash rate for C32 low. I am now playing around with the video card settings to find the sweet spot. What video-card do you use? It is always a poor idea to use stock settings since your video cards use unnecessary amount of power and get to hot making them break more easily. At least try to lower the power settings. I did not yet fully optimized, but I use now Inno3D TuneIT to change settings to 80% power limit, core +200, memory +300 and I get 0.75 Graphs per second. This is about 15% more than with stock settings using 20% less energy making my RTX2080Ti OC run at lower temperature (79 C).

Looks like Bminer C32 doesn’t work anymore with most pools.

Had to switch back to Gminer.

Ping @realbminer

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I had trouble getting B-miner to work, luckily gminer works fine. Current settings, core +240, memmory +360 80% power limit, rate of 0.65 graphs/min. I use Inno3D TunIT for changing settings since I have an Inno3D videocard, but you can also use Afterburner from MSI which is more popular.

Optimum appears to be core +130-135, memory +550-600, power 100% for my Inno3D RTX 2080 Ti, on average I get something like 0.75 graphs/s.


I have msi 2080ti my oc in simplemining core 135MHz, memory 850, power 205 and i get 2,6 H/s with C31. I use bminer. On this same parametr with C32 i have 0,95 H/s.

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@fenikstomek that is a sweet hash rate!/graph rate. I see so I should put more emphasis on memory overclocking🤔. Do you have an 11GB model?

I can reproduce these problems on bminer (16.2) and mining f2pool. Current problems:

  • bminer restarts and counting shares does as well. No accurate amount of shares readible bc of this.
  • Workers do not show on f2pool pages This is now fixed
  • Harshrate does not show on f2pool dashboard. This is now fixed
  • Revenue seems completly off. At the time of writing my revenue is about 20% of when I was mining c31. This really is terrible. should be o.k. in a few days.

I mine on 1080ti’s

Edit: I also noticed that the init of bminer is really crappy. Sometimes I need to restart the miner or the whole system to get a good run. A bad run would imply that the miner is not getting any accepted shares but it keeps running for 1500 seconds or so, until fatal.

Edit2: After running more tests. I found out that combining all wokers in one instance works a lot better then running several instances for each worker. In c31 and older miner this did not matter or was for system stability in my case even better. Now I run 1 miner, with all devices attached. It seems to be running a lot better and submitting more accepted shares.

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Yes 11GB on water cooling.

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